Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Duck Says Quack! by Judy Dunn

In the Phoebe Dunn Collection from Random House is Little Duck Says Quack! The world-renowned photographer's images have been paired with text written by her daughter, Judy Dunn.

Who isn't captivated by the birth of a duckling, emerging from an egg, drying until his down is fluffy puffy? The imagery of Henry the duck sitting on the family dog's back is precious. The reader watches as Henry grows into a full size duck.

Some may note the 1976 language is dated as Henry doesn't find true companionship until he finds another white duck to befriend. Those animals not like him, the chicken, rabbit, and goat don't care to be his friend. Maybe talk about this subtle message to counter it.

Totz will enjoy pressing the button to hear the duck quack, over and over. You might celebrate spring with this quacking board book.

Little Duck Says Quack!
by Judy Dunn
illustrated by Phoebe Dunn
Random House, 20

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