Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny Eats Lunch: Michael Dahl

This cover of Bunny Eats Lunch is so appealing that this book practically hopped of the library shelf into my hands! It's a very simple story about a bunny who is very talented at chewing. I really like the design of this book, and the art.

Bunny has big chompers and he shows off his lunch skills by chomping carrots, mashed potatoes, and celery. When he decides to eat them all in quick succession…


And then…


A fun, sturdy board book that’s perfect for a springtime or snacktime giggle! Also keep an eye out for Pony Brushes His Teeth and Pig Takes A Bath!

Bunny Eats Lunch

by Michael Dahl

illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Picture Window Books / Captstone Books, 2010

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