Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sara Gillingham: In My Nest

What makes little bird's nest so cozy? Soft feathers? Sure, but that's not all. Smooth leaves? Sure, but that's not all. In the end, there's a gentle, reassuring message: Bird's nest is so cozy because it's where his family lives.

There are lots of hole-in-the-book formats in stores these days. This one has an unusual twist, and it's one of the best. The cover has a large hole (the outer edge of the nest), and each successive page has a slightly smaller hole. This allows for a nest with a layered look, and displays the various things that go into nest-building. In the center is a soft, well-crafted blue bird finger puppet.

This is a wonderful concept, simply and beautifully illustrated, and it has heart. Nicely done!

Also take a look at the others in Sara's series: In My Pond, In My Tree, In My Den, In My Meadow, and In My Flower.

In My Nest
Author: Sara Gillingham
Illustrator: Lorena Siminovich
Chronicle Books, 2009

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

These are so cute, Joan! Thanks for sharing all four.