Thursday, July 1, 2010

July: Around the Block with Sesame Street

Happy July!

I want to start posting our sidebar content in blogs each month, so that we can still access it in the future. Otherwise it just drops as I update the site. Now, it hits me? Now I realize everyone might not have caught the community service idea and Around the Block with Sesame Street?

Well, there's always room for new thoughts, right? Here it goes for a new day. Feist is just adorable counting to 4. Your totz will be singing along with you, no doubt!


Bibliovore said...

Thanks for reposting one of my favorite Sesame Street clips! So cute.

Joan Holub said...

Good idea! I'm glad the community service posts and Around the Block with Sesame Street will now be saved for future access.

This is such a cute clip! Thanks.