Monday, April 19, 2010

Zoo and Toys by Salina Yoon

Zoo (Little Scholastic)

Salina Yoon could very well be the master of the novelty book. Check out these two she created for Little Scholastic. I, myself, was excited to discover the surprises!

Picture four spreads that introduce colors. Each has an integrated, removable piece with a color and word of a color printed on it. Those in Toys are foil. In Zoo, the colors have a plush texture to match the plush lion on the cover.

After red, yellow, blue, and green are introduced in Toys, the final spread shows all the colors at once, colorful blocks. Orange, gray, brown, and black in Zoo, end with a colorful peacock. Now, take the colored pieces you removed, flip them over and construct a puzzle that duplicates the last spread. So smart!

One to two year old totz, will enjoy Salina's flat shapes that pop with intense color. Two to three year olds can solve the puzzles. These books will be engaging for years. Check them out!

Zoo and Toys
by Salina Yoon
Little Scholastic, 2010

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