Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Pick for the Older Sibling: The Solar Car Book

The Solar Car Book
A Complete Build-It-Yourself Kit
Just Add Sun!

This is so incredibly cool. Not only does it contain glossy, sturdy punch-out car parts, a real motor, axles, wheels, and all the parts to build a working model solar car, it also:
1. gives full, understandable instructions on how to assemble this solar car;
2. tells how to get your car to go in circles;
3. tells how to get your car to work indoors;
4. has pages of info about solar power, how cars work, and more science stuff, all written in a brisk, humorous style that appeals;
5. and includes a challenge issued by Klutz to try and beat the records Klutz set in various dashes and marathons when they tested their car.

Below is the back cover, showing the finished car. A friend who's very intrigued by solar cars, built the car and he noted that it must be placed in direct sunlight to work. He had fun putting it together and is now entertaining his family by running it around the driveway and sidewalks.

Once you remove the plastic encased parts on the cover, the spiral-bound book itself remains intact and usable. Well thought out. Kudos to Klutz!

The Solar Car Book
by the editors of Klutz, ages 8 and up

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

My brothers would have loved this!