Monday, November 2, 2009

Quentin Blake's Ten Frogs

As a parent of a tot, how can you not pick up Quentin Blake's Ten Frogs, A first book about numbers? I see the imagery and immediately the BFG is conjured up in my mind with such happiness. :~) Roald Dahl's characters and Quentin's own shift through my thoughts.

Quentin was the head of the illustration department at the Royal College of Art and the first to hold the title Children's Laureate in 1999.

Here is our chance to introduce totz to this iconographic imagery of children's literature. Pavilion Children's has gathered Quentin's images to help teach counting from one to ten. An extra spread of 100 wasps closes the board book which touts a cut out cover.

Smile with your totz over one crow, four cats, and ten frogs. Learn to count with a laureate!

Quentin Blake's Ten Frogs
by Quentin Blake
Pavilion Children's, 2009

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