Monday, July 20, 2009

Silly Suzy Goose: Petr Horacek
Suzy Goose may look like your average white goose with an orange bill and feet, but she has a big imagination. She can see the merits of being all sorts of other animals:

If I were a giraffe, I could S T R E T C H up high.

But she can see the merits of just being herself as well.

With cut-paper and collage illustrations which are pleasingly reminiscent of Eric Carle, this sturdy board book is filled with examples of animals and common action words and sounds associated with them. It's longer than average at 17 pages (32 spreads) and is suggested for ages 1 to 3.

Also see Lorie Ann's review of this book in her June 15th post. We reviewed the same book without realizing each other had chosen it. I think this speaks well for this book.

Silly Suzy Goose
Petr Horacek, author-illustrator
board book
Candlewick Press, 2006

~ reviewed by Joan Holub, author

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