Monday, July 27, 2009

Lost Sheep and the Scary Day: Christina Goodings and Claire Henley

How do you convert a Bible story into the board book format and retain the accuracy of the one and the toddler appeal of the other? Lion Children's Book has done this with their series All Join In. I was skeptical at first but then delightfully surprised!

Author Christina Goodings has reduced the scriptural parable to the fewest words for plot. Then she has added repeated animal and nature sounds to further increase interest and tension.

"slurp slurp
scritch scritch"

Illustrator Claire Henley's paintings are fresh and bright. Her layout of the book will catch your totz' eye. Each half spread is a close depiction of animals, along with the first of the shepherd. The rich treatment balanced by a spot illustration on the opposing page creates a strong rhythm. The final full page spread with a flap is a fun reward at the story's conclusion.

Here's to publishers who offer the richest stories to totz in accessible ways. Brava to writers and illustrators who create them.

Lost Sheep and the Scary Day

by Christina Goodings
illustrated by Claire Henley
Lion Children's Book, Lion Hudson pic, Trafalgar Square Publishing, UK: 2007, US: October, 2009

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