Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jayne C. Shelton and Karen Katz: In Grandma's Arms

Written by Jayne C. Shelton and illustrated by the board book queen, Karen Katz, In Grandma's Arms is a delight for your readertotz' imagination. Join the main character as she sits on her grandmother's lap in their Storybook Chair. Through the power of books they explore the skies, the sea, landscapes, and fantasies. Always safe, because Grandma is there.

The text is set in curves and waves, reinforcing the feeling of travel or a journey. I find the language and rhymes in keeping with the child's voice, and they are fun to read aloud:

"We leap on a comet
And zoom through the stars--
Have lunch on a moonbeam,
Then blast off to Mars."


"On a carpet of magic
Just made for a ride--
With the wind in our faces,
We swoop, loop, and glide.

The work is illustrated with Karen Katz' stylized paintings of layered, flat patterns and round faces. With warm painted portions, a bit of cut paper, and sweet smiles, the images are sure to be welcomed as friends.

Inside Scoop
Aha! Digging around a little, I discovered on Karen's website that she has a love of Indian miniatures, Mexican ceramics, Chagall, and Matisse. But of course!

This was Jane's writing debut. She is a practicing psychotherapist.

In Grandma's Arms
by Jayne C. Shelton and Karen Katz
Scholastic, 2008


Melissa Walker said...

This looks gorgeous and magical!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Aw. Thanks, Melissa!

holly cupala said...

Oh, I see it! She does have a little Chagallishness. My fave Karen Katz book is NO BITING - but never did I realize I might actually have to use that book to teach "No Biting!"

Karen said...

Oooooh, I like! Good gift for Grandma!

jba of hello prints! said...

just found your blog searching for jayne c. shelton, i'm excited to find good recommendations! i have to say that "in grandma's arms" was a great gift when my daughter was born, it has wonderful rhythm, engaging illustrations and is one of our better bedtime reads. I also love "little gorilla" and "the snowy day" for the same reason, they all are a good length for my 16 month old just before bed!

i DO like karen katz's illustrations, but none of her other books work as well as a soothing bedtime story. I hope jayne c. shelton writes another soon!!!

i look forward to exploring your blog, thanks :)