Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inside the Industry: The first infant toddler book?

Joan and I were chatting yesterday, and we came up with this question:

Which board book do you remember as the first in the infant/toddler format?

I've thought through today and really think for me it's:


From 1940! Is this the first everyone else thinks of as well?

I won't review it just yet, but I would love for people to drop comments whether you agree or disagree.

Thanks for pausing to think and share!

Lorie Ann Grover, ~author/illustrator


Guiri Girl said...

I definitely agree. What American baby hasn't spent some time patting the bunny? I wonder if Dorothy Kunhardt had any idea she was creating a time-honored tradition when she wrote that book.

Joan Holub said...

Yes, this is it for me, too!

Katie said...

Pat the Bunny! OMG! This was one of my all time favorites!