Tuesday, June 21, 2022

I Just Want to Say Good Night: Rachel Isadora

In a small village on the African veld, it's time for Lala to go to bed. But before she does, she must say goodnight to so many. There is the goat, the dog, the monkey, the ants, and more. All must be wished well by Lala before she goes to sleep.

The sun sets in Rachel Isadora's sweeping, painterly illustrations, and the spreads shift from warm to cool. The book is full of atmosphere. My personal favorite is the dedication page. 

In a sweet homage to Margaret Wise Brown, Lala says goodnight to her book and the full moon out of her window. Add this beautiful, bedtime book to your goodnight ritual. After saying goodnight to all. 

Rachel Isadora
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2022

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