Monday, October 25, 2021

Readertotz Read Aloud: The Beatryce Prophecy

For the older siblings of your readertotz, you might read aloud Kate DiCamillo's latest work: The Beatryce Prophecy. Every time I begin a work of Kate's, I get first-page chills. You know you are taking her hand and journeying into a narrative, lyrical circle which will weave a community together through the eyes of an endearing, strong protagonist. You and yours will love Beatryce, Answelica the goat, Brother Edik, and Jack Dory. 

Sophie Blackall's pencil drawings illuminate the text throughout. She brings half-page images, flourishes, and spot illustrations to the reader. The two time Caldecott Medalist dedicates her work to Kate, herself.  

Listen in to NPR's Talking Volumes, 2021, interview of Kate about this new classic taking its place on our shelves and in our hearts. 

"That is not a book I would care to read. 
As if she could read.
As if such a thing were possible.
Which, of course, it was not.
But still, a shiver of wonder and fear went through him at the possibility of a girl who could read." 

by Kate DiCamillo
illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Candlewick Press, 2021

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