Sunday, September 19, 2021

More, more, more: ABC of Feelings

How many of us could benefit from this new picture book? I can! Author/illustrator Bonnie Lui brings a range of emotions to young readers by walking through the alphabet. Short definitions and expressive illustrations aid in the teaching. A background painter for Dreamworks and WB, Lui has created beauty in another format for all to enjoy. 

A is for anxious. Anxious is feeling really worried about something. 

B is for brave. Brave is being nervous about something...and doing it anyway!


N is for needy. Needy is wanting someone you love to pay attention to you. 

O is for overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is having too many thoughts and feelings all at once. 

I can imagine reaching for this book over and over as your readertotz gain self-awareness and learn to identify emotions. Get ready to spot those feelings!

by Bonnie Lui
Philomel, 2021

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