Wednesday, December 23, 2020

More, more, more: Lilah Tov Good Night: Ben Gundersheimer


This precious book is not to be missed. The main character is saying good night to all around her after a "long and beautiful day." 

"Lilah Tov to the roosters and hens
Lilah Tov to the bears in their dens"

The depth of the work is in the secondary story, or actually the main story. The family is leaving their home in the night and traveling on foot to a new land. She says good night to the creatures she passes, the beach, and the waves. She speaks to the stars at sea, and the fish. Finally, reaching land, the journey continues until she is in a new home. There she snuggles down and wishes the reader, and all, a good night. The family menorah has traveled the distance from one window to another.

Brilliant beauty. The art was done in pencil and digitally rendered. Noar Lee Naggan's paintings are luminous. The best of the best from publisher Nancy Paulsen, as usual. 

by Ben Gundersheimer
illustrated by Noar Lee Naggan
Nancy Paulsen Books

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