Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Wickle Woo has a Halloween Party by Jannie Ho

 Wickle Woo is having a Halloween Party . . .
but where are his friends?

A little owl named Wickle Woo plan a Halloween party. But what's a party without pals? Where are they? A tug of some "tiny tabs" reveals Lion and Bear, Rabbit and Tiger, and more, all agreeing to come to the party. 

I really like this tab-pulling format. Take a look at the others Jannie Ho has created in this series including Teeny Weeny and Bunny Boo. They're cute and just the right amount of fun and challenge for totz.

Jannie is super creative about getting 
excitement up for her books. Love these
celebration lollipops!

Author-illustrator: Jannie Ho

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