Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maisy’s Plane / Maisy’s Tractor: Lucy Cousins


In Maisy’s Plane, Maisy is flying herself to a party. I love seeing her in the plane, taking charge like this. How exciting when she starts the engine. And when the propeller goes around and around. Vroom, Vroom! In the end, we find out that her destination is a party for Eddie the elephant. Well done, Maisy!

Pair Maisy's Plane with Maisy’s Tractor. In this one, we see Maisy driving a tractor. Chug, chug! She’s plowing and working hard, appearing competent. She finds lost lambs and brings them home. Well done, Maisy!

Maisy serves as a wonderful, confident role-model for girl totz in both of these books!
Well done, Candlewick!

A Go With Maisy Board Book
Author-illustrator: Lucy Cousins

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