Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oversized: Mamoko, New York, and Animalium

How about 3 huge books for little hands, all from Big Picture Press? Two are even board books!

The World of Mamoko, In the Time of Dragons will pull your totz into a story they can tell. While searching for characters, introduced right up front, they can read, reread, and tell at least 26 different tales by following their chosen beastie. From Stewart Snowt to Jasper Fuggle-Hop to Alec Ratz, the stories are just waiting to be discovered. They can also watch for hidden objects and find coins and mushrooms on every page. This would be a great book to share in a backseat for a long Thanksgiving roadtrip! The oversize board book will last and last.


how about a visit to New York, by Josh Cochran. I'm headed there myself next month so this is a timely treat. Your totz can explore the city through this big book doubling as a two-sided chart. All the while, the reader can search for 80 objects nested in the cityscape. This work gets me revved up for New York City. I'm sure it will do the same for your family. The stiff pages will hold up to little hands. The graphic imagery reminds me of the seventies and maybe a little of A Yellow Submarine.


Animalium.  Imagine a museum inside a book! Written by Jenny Broom and illustrated by Katie Scott, this is a treasure. Six galleries present everything from invertebrates to mammals. I love this intro:

"This museum is like none you've ever visited before. It's open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and its collection boasts a fascinating catalog of the world's creatures, with each exhibit in immaculate condition and presented in fantastic detail."

From the rich paper it is printed on. to the choices for illustration, to the text, this masterpiece warrants inclusion in homes, school, and libraries. Please find this labor of love and soar into it with your totz.

The World of Mamoko, In the Time of Dragons
by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski
Big Picture Press, 2014

New York
by Josh Cochran
Big Picture Press, 2014

by Jenny Broom
illustrated by Katie Scott
Big Picture Press, 2014

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