Monday, May 26, 2014

A Tree for All Seasons: Maryse Guittet

A Tree For All Seasons

It's a tree illustrating 4 seasons in your hands. By lifting graduating, shaped pages, totz are shown the life of a tree from spring to winter. Cleverly, the trunk is stationary causing the peeking fox to listen in as the story is read aloud. Each page includes additional flaps where readers can discover hidden animals within the branches and leaves.

Maryse Guittet's illustrations are controlled and open with an occasional stamp of what could be lino block for texture. The shapes are cheery along with the insects, birds, and animal faces.

Watch the tree bloom and the snow fall in A Tree for All Seasons. It will be a hit year round.

A Tree for All Seasons
by Maryse Guittet
Twirl, 2014

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