Sunday, December 1, 2013

Forever: Emma Dodd

Forever is a beautiful, sweet book, perfect for winter! The art is stunning and yet simple. And the story is as well.

If you're ever feeling scared,
I'll be right beside you.
If you're ever feeling lost,
know that I will find you.

This book can be used as a bedtime story. Or as a comfort to calm a wide range of tot's fears. Getting lost. A divorce or a temporary absence in the family, perhaps due to military service. And in view of the polar bear characters, it could even be used with a tot who has heard just enough to be confused about what global climate change means to her or him.

Forever is not a traditional board book. The pages are paper. However, it's board book size, approximately 8"x8". I love the silver foil snow on the cover. This book is just so beautiful!

Author-illustrator: Emma Dodd

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