Sunday, November 17, 2013

Me Hungry: Jeremy Tankard

The title of this book makes it perfect for Thanksgiving season. Formerly a picture book, Me Hungry is now in board book form. This is a timeless, charming, clever book! Totz, kids, and grown-ups will relate to the situation in which the person you need is too busy for you.

(Cave boy): Me hungry!
(Dad): Me busy!
(Cave boy): Hey, me hungry!
(Mom): Me busy!

(Note: spoiler below)
Cave boy finds ways to entertain himself as he goes on a food search. And in the end when his parents call, he's too busy for them! Ha-ha. Very fun twist.
My overall feeling about this book? Me like!

Author-illustrator: Jeremy Tankard
Candlewick Press, 2008

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