Thursday, October 17, 2013

More, More, More: The Silver Button

A new classic from Bob Graham, one of my favorite author/illustrators: The Silver Button. What might be happening in the exact moment before Jodie finishes her drawing? It's 9:59, on a Thursday morning, when her brother takes his first step, while her mother plays a pennywhistle, a man buys bread, a soldier says good-bye, and a baby is born.

The sweeping scope Bob provides is incredible. He challenges everyone to look and see and know that the world continues in the space of our drawing one small button. Without sentimentality:

"Sunlight from all over the city streamed through the window, and the kitchen clock struck ten."

Beautiful. We send our applause to you in Australia, Bob, this very moment.

The Silver Button
by Bob Graham
Candlewick Press, 2013

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