Monday, September 30, 2013

Where's Boo? Salina Yoon

So great to share another fun Salina Yoon title. Where's Boo? takes us right into October.

With a curved cut-out, revealing the shape of a black tail, the reader is asked if Boo the cat is hiding behind the jack-o-lantern, the cookie jar, or the broom. In each case, he isn't. Boo is waiting behind the door at the conclusion of the book to say Trick-or-treat.

The anticipation, puzzles, and bright colors will capture your totz' attention. Look for Boo this month!

Where's Boo?
by Salina Yoon
Random House, 2013

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Joan Holub said...

This is fun, because my cat's name is Boo! Named after a To Kill A Mockingbird character. Hooray for Salina Yoon!