Sunday, June 2, 2013

MA! There's Nothing to Do Here! Barbara Park

MA! There's Nothing to Do Here! is an adorable board book by one of my favorite authors, Barbara Park.

The lead character is a baby with personality--before he's even born. He wants to play on the swingset and monkey bars. He wants to make friends. He wants hair! 

There's nothing to see here!
Not one scrawny tree here!
No puppies. No toys.
No girls . . . zero boys.

This baby is flat out bored in the womb, but he's far from boring. You'll enjoy reading his thoughts on what he'll do to pass the time.

Sure to please totz with a sibling on the way. And a great idea for baby showers.

Barbara Park is the author of the bestselling Junie B. Jones books and many other favorites!
Viviana Carofoli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

MA! There's Nothing to Do Here!
Author: Barbara Park
Illustrator: Viviana Carofoli 

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