Monday, May 6, 2013

Bizzy Bear Pirate Adventure: Benji Davies

The Bizzy Bear series is perfect for totz who crave action. In this one, Bizzy Bear sails off on a pirate adventure. He digs for treasure and finds a chest. Totz can open an easily-grasped chunky cardboard loop slider to reveal the gold within!

Bizzy Bear, Bizzy Bear,
"I see land!"

Bizzy Bear, Bizzy Bear,
dig the sand.

These books are super-sturdy with moving parts. One of my favorite spreads in this book is the one with Bizzy Bear at the helm. With your readertotz' help, he can move the wheel and steer the ship safely through the open seas!

Bizzy Bear Pirate Adventure
author: Nosy Crow
illustrator: Benji Davies 

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Anonymous said...

Growing up I always thought it was exciting to read action stories. The action always kept me entertained and always wanting the story to never end. Adventures make storytime fun.