Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sweet Dreams Lullaby: Betsy Snyder

A gentle, , softly-colored bedtime book, which begins with little bunny being tucked into bed by a parent.

The day is done, it’s time for bed
Let peaceful moments fill your head
So cuddle up and snuggle in,
And let your happy dreams begin.

Suggestions for what a tot might dream about abound in this cozy book—all comforting ones with soothing shapes and sounds; puffy clouds; bedtime snacks; butterflies giving good night kisses. The story is more lengthy than a typical board book because this was originally a 32-page picture book.

Betsy Snyder has designed and illustration children’s greeting cards. Her work has been recognized with the Please Touch Museum’s Annual Book Award, has appeared in the Society of Illustrators Annual Award Shows. Find out more at Betsy’s blog.

Author-illustrator: Betsy Synder
Random House, 2010-2012

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