Monday, October 8, 2012

Star Wars 123

Always count on me to recommend a Star Wars spin off. I can't resist! I mean, how fun is it to count with your totz as you introduce them to Yoda, Han, and Ewoks? Star Wars 123 from Scholastic is a large board book with great visual impact. The reader counts to ten, but extra spreads follow. Don't you want to see 25 different aliens, 50 droids, and the startling image of 100 stormtroopers? It all starts with 1 Jedi Master.

Each and every character is shiny against a matte background, while the cover title is foil. Every number is drawn with a texture from the spread. 8 is white and hairy: "These are the galaxy's eight scariest creatures!"

I want to see the companion Star Wars ABC. I can only imagine...

Star Wars 123
Lucas Books
Scholastic, July 2012

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Teacher said...

We just picked this one up this weekend for our little Star Wars lover. It's fun and has enough characters for all Star Wars lovers to enjoy!