Friday, May 25, 2012

Poetry Friday: Snug, by Carol Thompson

Child's Play isn't as widely known here, but I love their contributions that make their way to the US from England. Snug is perfect for Poetry Friday. The format is large with stiff paper and ADORABLE illustrations from Carol Thompson. I love the free, sketched line-work, paper textures, and fluid color. Here's a snippet to enjoy today:

"As snug as a bug
in a very old rug,
Snug as a mole
in his underground hole.
Snug is a bulb deep under snow,
Snug is the earthworm curled up below."

by Carol Thompson
Child's Play, 2011


Linda B said...

Thanks for this, Lorie Ann. It looks precious, good for my 3 year old & just right for my 10 month old granddaughters! I think we could memorize that snug as a bug... really quickly.

Ruth said...

Lovely! Children love being snug.

Doraine said...

Love this. I'm going to find a copy for my newest grandbaby. Thanks.

Child's Play (International) Ltd. said...

Hi, I am Sarah from Child's Play (International) Ltd.'s head office in the UK!
Really pleased to hear you like what we have on offer. Please do visit our website at to see this and all our other products. There are 3 other books in this style by this author/illustrator that I'm sure would also be of interest to you.
You can also call us on 1-800-639-6404 in the US or 01793 616-286 in the UK.
We also have a facebook page you can visit to find out even more about who we are and what we do!
Thanks to readertotz for the great comment and hopefully you'll be enjoying our books for yourselves soon too!