Friday, December 23, 2011

Poetry Friday: What Colour is Your World?

I'm such a fan of Phaidon Press and this picture book by Bob Gill is perfect for Poetry Friday. What Colour Is Your World? is a look at the colors surrounding us. Certainly, the grass is green, and milk is white. But what if you ask an artist?

"But suppose you asked an artist? 'It's hard
to tell,' he would
answer. 'Colours
keep changing.
Look at this..."

You and your totz will find yourselves looking with new eyes. Originally published in 1962, Gill's illustration and text treatment have a graphic quality that is so fresh today.

Thanks, Phaidon! Happy Poetry Friday, readertotz!

What Colour Is Your World?
by Bob Gill
Phaidon Press, 2008


Doraine said...

What an interesting perspective. I'd love to see this book. I just saw another book from this publisher highlighted in BookPages at our library. It's called Doodle Cook. Not poetry, but doodles. It looks pretty cool.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Just getting ready to recommend that one, Doraine! Glad to know you liked it!