Monday, November 14, 2011

Rescue: by Matthew Reinhart

I had lower expectations for this pop-up book, only because of its soft paper cover, but I was immediately impressed when I opened the work. Matthew Reinhart's Rescue illustrations, text, and engineering have great impact and tot appeal!

What appears to be paper collage creates a great collection of those who give their lives to help others: police officers, lifeguards, helicopter pilots, paramedics, and fire fighters. Each spread depicts the individual on the left and a pop-up action scene on the right. The text on the left describes the rescuer, while the text on the right elaborates on the emergency.

Totz will love the high action of society's heroes. My favorite is the the female pilot. The helicopter shoots up off the page as a hiker climbs the ladder to be rescued.

Don't be fooled by the paper binding. It helps to keep the price down, and Rescue is sturdy. It will hold up to many readings!

Rescue, Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles
by Matthew Reinhart
Robin Corey Books, 2011

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