Monday, May 9, 2011

Be A Ballet Dancer: Sesame Workshop

This sturdy board book is part of the Sesame Street Elmo’s World series. I like the fact that cuddly red Elmo is our guide in this intro to ballet, partly because he’s a he and partly because the idea of a monster learning ballet is a funny one! Girl monster Zoe joins him, and they go to a ballet lesson. The story is told through a series of speech bubbles and text. Readertotz can learn the five basic positions as well as some fancy ballet moves:

The twirl is called a “pirouette” (peer-uh-WET).

Some important basics are covered, such as the importance of warm-ups and have good posture.

What could be better than a friendly, accessible introduction to ballet--with Muppets!

I know that my blog partner, Lorie Ann Grover, is going to enjoy this one. She's a former ballet dancer and a big Sesame Street fan! Although Muppet creator and all around good guy, Jim Henson, didn't do ballet to my knowledge, he did help build a crazy maze for some rat pets in his first New York office. This and other interesting facts are in my chapter book biography, Who Was Jim Henson?

Be A Ballet Dancer

Random House, 2009

by Sesame Workshop


Ms Peach said...

Great review! Would love to hear what Lori thinks of it too. I'm a ballet fan too, having started at four! Always wanted to be a ballerina, and, also your post reminds me that I also wanted to be an architecht or brick layer after reading "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" over and over again in Kindergarten! Thanks for sharing this.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Hey Ms Peach!

I can't wait to read this. It looks wonderful, I agree.

Props for being a ballet fan and dancer! I danced for 10 years and ended in the Miami Ballet Company. Wrote about it in On Pointe. :~)

And I'm partial to There's a Monster, my last name being Grover. Ha! Love that you considered brick laying.