Saturday, March 26, 2011

For the Older Sibling: Can We Save the Tiger? Martin Jenkins

I have always, always believed there is room for a virtually black and white picture book. Thank you, Candlewick Press! Can We Save the Tiger? is an honest dialog between author and reader about the state of endangered animals. Which animals are already extinct? Which are running out of space? Which have been harmed by our actions? Which are recovering? Martin is fair in expressing how these difficulties arose. He's compassionate towards both people and animals. I find this a refreshing breath.

Vicky White's illustrations and lettering are exquisite. The larger size of the book is honoring to the animals and allows you to connect with each one. My favorite is the Steller's Sea Cow, so rich in tonal values, it is breathtaking. Predominantly black and white, Vicky occasionally uses oil paint, as well.

Can We Save the Tiger? is my number one pick this month for the Older Sibling of your totz. The whole work is fresh and engaging. This is not just another book about endangered animals. It is the book about endangered animals. Well done! Bravo!

Can We Save the Tiger?
by Martin Jenkins
illustrated by Vicky White
Candlewick Press, 2011

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