Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January: For the Older Sibling, The Pixar Treasures

Tim Hauser titled this gem The Pixar Treasures, and he delivers! This is my pick for January for the older sibling of your totz. There's something here for your whole family.

From the company's inspirations and inception through their collected projects, you'll experience the Pixar journey. With a warranted nod to Disney, Hauser walks you through the chronicle of a group which has given us greats such as Up and Finding Nemo.

Included in the book are reproductions of tickets, passes, posters, cards, and brochures. Letters and notes open the backstory further.

The collage layout of the book and fantastic photo endpapers, reveal the fun of Pixar. As Tia Kratter noted, "If the people around you are fun, and, despite the hard work are making it fun, well, then it makes it okay. It's a laughing family." There's no doubt of that!

Find The Pixar Treasures and enjoy the story and treasures with your family. Marketed in a box sleeve, how will you be able to resist it when you remove the book to find Woody on the front cover and Buzz on the back? They're our friends, right?  Thanks, Pixar!

The Pixar Treasures
by Tim Hauser
Disney Enterprises, 2010
Produced by  Becker&Meyer!


Joan Holub said...

Becker & Mayer does nice work! This looks fab, LA. I'm set to get Toy Story 3 in the next week. Looking forward to seeing my old Woody and friends.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Toy Story 3 is a gem!