Monday, December 13, 2010

I Like Fruit:: Lorena Siminovich

My feature this week is I Like Fruit by Lorena Siminovich. I'm so impressed by the Candlewick division Templar Books. Every work is such a beautiful piece of art.

Open this touch-and-feel book and explore both color and fruit. Whether it be a red strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, or the orange cantaloupe, peach, and orange, your totz will be delighted with the colorful array and love tapping the textures.

All the images are created with interesting, delicate collage. The left spread is divided into four panels illustrating three fruits and the color featured. The right spread is one whole fruit, cut open to illustrate the inside and outside. The fruit skin is often depicted with three collage print changes, yet the entire image is successful as a whole.

Find this delightful work with your totz and then pass the fruit!

I Like Fruit
by Lorena Simminovich
Templar Books, 2010

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Joan Holub said...

I like the strawberry! And I appreciate the retro quality and the quiet sureness of this book. Thanks, LA!