Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Baby: Rachel Fuller

A few weeks back I posted about Waiting for Baby. Of course the day will come when your totz will appreciate My New Baby. :~)

Here's the logical follow up and joyful help as your new baby arrives in your home. The text captures the wonder and happiness of a tot welcoming a sibling.

"My baby smells nice. Soft and warm.

Presents for the new baby! Is this for me?

Why does the baby always have milk?"

True to a child, voice is given to the observations and questions which naturally arise with a new baby in the family. The closing is particularly comforting:

"Sleep well! You're part of my family now.
Baby's fast asleep. Time for my story!"

In keeping with Waiting for Baby, illustrator Rachel Fuller uses fun texture swatches to accompany her watercolor and varied black outlines. The addition brings a vibrancy to the spreads.

Enjoy this board book with your tot now and possibly your new baby in the future. "This is what it was like when you were born..."

My New Baby

illustrated by Rachel Fuller
Child's Play, 2009


Cassie said...

"Of course the day will come when your totz will appreciate My New Baby. :~)"

If ever a sentence struck fear into the heart of a parent of three! I had to bring myself back down to earth and remember that this post wasn't written for me specifically. No new babies in our house!

I would have loved this book for our 3 year old when our twins were born. He didn't have a clue what to expect. I think we forget that little kids have absolutely no points of reference for things that happen in their lives when they are so young. It's great that there are comforting books like this for little ones.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Such a great comment, Cassie! Yikes! No new babies in your house. I understand. :~)

So true that totz don't have frames of reference. And so we write and read board books!