Monday, June 7, 2010

When Daddy Comes Home: Lorie Ann Grover

Woo hoo! This one's by our own Lorie Ann Grover! It fits the month perfectly, since Father's Day is on the way.

A warm story about that thrilling moment when Daddy comes home at the end of a day. Ah, I remember it well, and it was cause for excitement. Your totz will also absorb fun facts effortlessly in deceptively simple sentences.

When Daddy Dog runs home,

(lift the doghouse-door flap to read:)
his puppy barks.

When Daddy Whale splashes home,
(lift the water-splash flap to read:)
his calf hums.

I didn't know whales hummed. Very cool fact. The active verbs used for the dads' actions (elephants stomp, monkeys swing, birds soar) as they arrive home add to the excitement that builds toward the arrival of "your Daddy".

Adorable illustrations will catch your totz' attention and the sturdy pages will stand up to repeated readings. A wonderful choice for totz, particularly around Father's Day by Grover, whose Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish was a Parents Magazine 20 Best Children's Books, 2009.

When Daddy Comes Home

Author-illustrator: Lorie Ann Grover
Little Simon, 2005

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

Thanks, Joan! What a nice surprise. I loved when my daddy came home. :~)