Monday, May 31, 2010

Wings by Salina Yoon

Wings: A Book to Touch and Feel

I'm so happy to feature Wings by Salina Yoon. As the cover notes, it's a book to touch and feel. And it's adorable!

Taking a look at various wings, Salina asks what kind do different birds and insects have. What kind for bumblebees, ducklings, ladybugs, and more.

Each question is answered with a different color as well as a texture insert: shimmery pink butterfly wings, glistening green hummingbird wings.

Salina's illustrations have a thick, varied-width black outline and flat color spaces. Every other spread carries lighter value polka dots in the background. So cute to mimic the ladybug on the cover. She herself has wings which open and close.

Find Wings for your totz. It will be enjoyed! Then check out Salina's Phototoz entry here.

by Salina Yoon
Little Simon


啟定 said...
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Joan Holub said...

Very cute! You have to hold this in your hands to see how very cool it is.