Monday, March 15, 2010

Read to Me: Judi Moreillon

This sturdy 16-page, rhyming board book serves as a gentle encouragement to parents and children to engage in reading together as a team. It's written from the child's point of view and begins:

Read to me
and watch me grow.
Tell me all
the tales you know.
For in this life,
I'll need a map.
Let it begin
upon your lap--

I had the pleasure of sitting next to the author of this book at a dinner held by Albert Whitman & Co. at the AASL conference in Charlotte, NC a few months ago. You know how you meet someone and you like them and you are sooooo hoping you will like the book they wrote as well? I was delighted when Judi shared her book with me. It tugged at my heart and I enjoyed its gently-spoken message about parents bonding with their children through reading. I could hardly wait to share it on readertotz. As the blurb on the back of the book says: "Reading to children from a very early age is one of the most important contributions parents can make..."

Judi is currently an assistant professor at Texas Women's University. She's an advocate for literacy, an author, and has been a teacher-librarian at many classroom levels. And she was a delight to hang out with for an evening!

Read to Me is also available in a Spanish edition: Vamos a leer. And a Vietnamese edition: Doc sach cho con

Read to Me
Author: Judi Moreillon
Illustrator: Kyra Teis
Starbright Books, 2004


Lorie Ann Grover said...

What a great find from a lovely meeting. Thanks, Joan!

Playing by the book said...

Sounds gorgeous, and I like the look of the illustration on the cover.

Judi Moreillon said...
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Judi Moreillon said...

Thank you, Joan, for spotlighting Read to Me on your blog.

There is at least one more person who helped make this book speak to many families. Mary Margaret Mercado wrote the Spanish adaptation, Vamos a leer.

If readertotz readers are interested in learning more about how this book is being used in family literacy programs, they can visit my Web site at:

All the best to you and your readers...

En-Szu said...

On behalf of Star Bright Books, thanks for featuring READ TO ME! It's an in house favorite and we're grateful for the incredible reception this book has gotten!

Joan Holub said...

Great to see you, Judi and Heather! Thanks for the additional info. This book is perfect for promoting literacy at a young age.

Unknown said...

This book was given to teen parents from Douglas High School in Douglas, Arizona as part of a literacy project from the Cochise Area Reading Council. The story was enjoyed in English and Spanish. Judi's work is appreciated for it's simple encouragement to enjoy reading.

Unknown said...

This book was given to teen parents at Douglas High School in Douglas, Arizona as part of a literacy project sponsored by the Cochise Area Reading Council. The students enjoyed the book in Spanish and English. Judi's work is appreciated for it's encouragement of reading enjoyment!