Monday, February 22, 2010

Me Hungry! Jeremy Tankard

The second I saw Me Hungry by Jeremy Tankard, I loved it! What a great decision to place this work into a board book format. Why not bring the Stone Age to first readers? It's fresh and fun and accessible to the smallest totz.

When the child is hungry, and everyone is too busy to help him, he sets off to fend for himself. However, the rabbit hides, the porcupine is too sharp, and the tiger is too mean. Thankfully, there's the woolly mammoth who just happens to be hungry as well! With a little help, the boy solves his own problem.

The palette is very appealing with gentle changes from spread to spread to mark the introduction of different characters. Random splatters create texture along with thick brush and thin pen lines.

School Library Journal is spot on to say, "A totally fresh, timeless gem."

Absolutely pick up Me Hungry! for your totz!

Me Hungry!
by Jeremy Tankard
Candlewick Press, February 2010


Joan Holub said...

I have heard about this book and want to read it. The concept and cover are great. Thanks for the post (and for reminding me), Lorie Ann.

Playing by the book said...

This does sound great - especially as my oldest is really into all things stone age, but it's been hard to find books that also appeal to my youngest. This one might work though, so thanks for the tip!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Absolutely, Playing by the book!