Monday, December 28, 2009

Pocoyo Ready, Steady, Go!

Have you seen Pocoyo? I hadn't before coming across these adorable board/stiff-paged books for toddlers. With a trademark that claims Learning Through Laughter, this collection delivers with a cast of lovable characters.

Pocoyo, Elly the Elephant, Pato the duck, Sleepy Bird, and Loula the dog will capture your heart. Your totz will respond to these characters learning about simple concepts while finding themselves in toddler appropriate stories.

I found I really responded to Pocoyo Ready, Steady, Go! The race is on between Pocoyo, Elly, and Sleepy Bird. Carefully timed flaps advance the plot along the road. Your totz will be eager to lift the flap to see what happens next. It's fun how cooperation results in success, while a winner is still awarded.

Clean, claymation-like illustrations without setting are very appealing. The characters' emotions pop on the three dimensional shapes playing against the white backgrounds.

The narrator's voice is consistent throughout the books, as the dialog occurs between the teller and reader. There's plenty of opportunity to make observations, deductions, and anticipate what might happen next.

Keep an eye out for Story Time, Discovers Opposites, Party Time. and Bed Time as well. With some books, your totz will place the Pocoyo puzzle piece into each spread, and for others, he or she will just snuggle close for the next big adventure!

Pocoyo, Ready, Steady, Go!
Zinkia Entertainment
A Red Fox Book, Random House Children's Books


Joan Holub said...

I enjoy the unusual, quirky look of this art. Very cool. Thanks, Lorie Ann!

Anonymous said...

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