Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Sleepy Sheep: Phyllis Root, Susan Gaber


My pick this week is Ten Sleepy Sheep by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Susan Gaber. What a fun concept to turn the tables and find the sheep not wanting to go to sleep themselves in the countdown.

Phyllis' rhyme has a beautiful, elegant cadence that contributes to the quiet tone of the book.

"Nine sheep race
past the tall green gate.
Wind sighs.
Whippoorwill cries.
Sleep, sleep."

The rich language spills naturally in the reading and will be memorized by parents and totz. Counting down from ten to one is an adventure in the onset of night.

Susan's paintings in acrylic and pastel continue the tone set by Phyllis in their gentle detail. Apart from the first and last spread, each is a painting bordered by white with an accompanying spot illustration. Every spot encapsulates the one sheep drifting off to sleep.

Ten Sleepy Sheep - Illustrated By Susan Gaber Children's Books Illustrator

Susan has a wonderful palette that reflects the deepening night while still remaining colorful.

Ten Sleepy Sheep is a beautiful addition to any totz board book collection. Count down to sleep as you read this lovely book before bed.

Ten Sleepy Sheep
by Phyllis Root
illustrated by Susan Gaber
Candlewick, 2009


Joan Holub said...

You are so right. This is beautiful!

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