Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Pick for the Older Sibling: Library Lion

My pick this month for the older sibling of your totz is Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, illustrations by Kevin Hawkes. When a picture book grabs your heart, you have to share it!

So, one day a lion comes to the library. Despite Mr. McBee's concern, Miss Merriweather takes no action as no rules are being broken. Of course, the lion must be quiet in storytime.

The lion makes himself useful in the branch. Eventually Lion's emergency roar is misunderstood, and Mr. McBee casts him out. It's is he who must find lion and explain the new rule:

"No roaring allowed, unless you have a very good reason--say, if you're trying to help a friend who's been hurt, for example."

With extremely smart pacing and endearing characters, this work will quickly become a favorite of your family. This New York Times Bestseller will win your heart if it hasn't already.

Library Lion
by Michelle Knudsen
illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
Candlewick Press, paperback 2009


Anonymous said...

I love this one! For totz and sibs alike. Great choice! =)

Doret said...

I love the library Lion. I was very happy when I saw it was released in paperback.

Cassie said...

I mentioned in another post-I really like the older sibling pick.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Me, too! Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Anonymous said...

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