Monday, August 24, 2009

Pop-Up Counting Animals: A DK Publishing Collaboration

This week's board book review is simply named Pop-Up Counting Animals. I wasn't convinced I'd be engaged, but I shouldn't have doubted. It's DK Publishing.

Using Dave King's special photography, a bit of flat graphics, and Fiona Gowen's paper engineering, this collaborative work pops! When the first kitten opens beside the number one, you just have to say ooooooooh. And when the five butterflies flap free of the book at the close, you say aaaaaaaaaah. In between, watch for fish, chicks, and parakeets. (Which color would you choose?)

Sit down with your totz and pop open this board book with amazement. Thanks, DK for bringing this back as a revised version of the 1995, Number Pops. Here's to keeping the best in print!

Pop-Up Counting
Photographs by Dave King
Engineered by Fiona Gowen
DK Publishing, 2009

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