Friday, November 6, 2015

The White Book: Minibombo

Book, art expression, game, or toy? The White Book fits each of these categories with smiles and enjoyment along the way.

As a young boy roller paints a wall, white-lined imagery appears, dissolves from the space, and flies, swims, and walks away. Pacing is sustained with excitement building from a sudden dinosaur's appearance to an anteater who attempts to eat the boy's paint roller. The conclusion is perfect.

This minibombo book lives up to its claim: a little book buzzing with a big idea. The interactive app can be purchased for .99, and your child can create and experience color on your ipad or iPhone. Click here to purchase. The fun and learning will continue with additional exposure to animals, colors, and painting. Take a peek at the trailer.

Here is this generation's Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

The minibombo website offers even more art activities for little hands. Happy reading and painting with your totz! Looking forward to more fun from minibombo.

The White Book
by Silvia Borando, Elisabetta Pica, and  Lorenzo Clerici 
Candlewick Press, 2015

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