Thursday, June 18, 2015

Poetry Friday: Beach House

Oh, these two caught it: the summer sun and fun at a beach house. This is perfect for your Poetry Friday out at the shore. Deanna Caswell's text is lyrical while Amy June Bates captures sunshine in her watercolors. Enjoy!

A long, long drive.

It's been a year
     of dreaming, waiting.

Summer's here.

Doors fly open.
     End of the road.

"To the beach!"
     "Not yet--unload."

Beach House
by Deanna Caswell
illustrated by Amy June Bates
Chronicle Books, 2015


Mary Lee said...

Beach house in the summer -- an experience I longed for as a child on the prairies of Eastern Colorado!

Diane Mayr said...

The cover draws me right in with its golden light and my memories of warm summer breezes! I must order this one for the library!

bookkm said...

I want to be a kid at the beach again. What a lovely book!