Friday, June 12, 2015

Poetry Friday: After the Bell Rings

Here's a collection of poems centered on all things after school. Read a few for this Poetry Friday!


Out of the prison gates I slip,
I zig and zag, I dodge and dip,
Through the dark forest of towering trees,
Leaving no trail for my enemies.
Across the wild river on a narrow log,
Past the castle with the howling wolf-dog,
One last mad dash! I got home okay!
Good thing that my school is just three blocks away.

After the Bell Rings, Poems About After-School Time
by Carol Diggory Shields
illustrated by Paul Meisel
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015


Ramona said...

I love Carol Diggory Shields, off to request this book. This poem recalls hidden obstacles I used to encounter on my way home from school!

jama said...

Looks like a fun collection. Will have to look for it!

Donna Smith said...

Hey, I had all that and more just to come in from the field for supper!
Sounds like a fun collection! Thanks for sharing!