Thursday, January 10, 2013

More, More, More: Who's on First?

Who doesn't love Abbott and Costello's piece, "Who's on First?" Thanks to Quirk, you can bring this classic comedy to your totz. A rabbit and bear stand in for the famous duo and deliver the fun.

John Martz's clean illustrations make the wordplay clear for everyone. Who is a worm. What is a dog, and I Don't Know is a chicken. Everyone will be able to follow the fun, except, of course, Costello. A "Brief History" of the exchange closes the book. Did you recall the long version is in the film The Naughty Nineties?

Enjoy Time magazine's pick for best comedy sketch of the 20th century with John Martz's Who's on First? Your totz will be instant fans.

Who's on First?
by Abbott and Costello
illustrated by John Martz
Quirk Books, February 19, 2013

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