Friday, July 27, 2012

Poetry Friday: A Strange Place to Call Home

Pair the poetry of Marilyn Singer with the exquisite torn and cut paper art of Ed Young and you have a masterpiece. Add unusual, dangerous, animal habitats, and you have a book which will intrigue totz and their older siblings. Here's a poem from A Strange Place to Call Home. Watch for its release in September. Happy Poetry Friday!

City Living
urban foxes

They have
quit forests and
fields for sheds, flowerbeds;
forfeited wild berries for shrimp
lo mein.

It seems
an easy life,
but in close quarters, cars,
capture, and contagion take
their toll.

adapted to
city living find it
full of plenty-but plentiful
in risk.

A Strange Place to Call Home
by Marilyn Singer
illustrated by Ed Young
Chronicle Books, September 2012

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