Monday, June 27, 2011

I like bugs: Lorena Siminovich

I was just out gardening this morning and put some time in with the roly polys. It now seems appropriate to share  I like bugs by Lorena Siminovich.

This touch-and-feel board book from Templar Books is a tactile discovery of five insect-y spreads. Your totz will have the opportunity to count beetles, butterflies, and bees. The texture inserts are inventive: glitter mylar for the dragonfly's body, satin for the butterflies, and fuzzy bottoms for the bees.

Lorena's collages provide variety in the layered papers which create foreground, objects, and backgrounds. There's so much subtle movement to see and appreciate; your totz will want to look at this work again and again. I like bugs is charming, especially outside, on a summer day!

I like bugs
by Lorena Siminovich
Templar Books, 2010

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