Monday, April 4, 2011

Home for a Bunny: Margaret Wise Brown

Golden Classics are now in board book formats! How lovely is that? I found such solace rereading this work by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren. But of course! Here are images and rhythms I held dear as child. And now they are preserved in a sturdy format for your own totz.

As the animals celebrate spring, bunny is looking for a home, "a home of his own." He inquires about staying with the robins, a frog, and a groundhog. None of their dwellings fits the bunny, until he finds a white rabbit who welcomes him to her home. Margaret's beautiful language will mesmerize your totz' ears.

Gustaf's illustrations are precise and light and full of charm. Golden Books has given the board book cover a padded thickness for easy gripping.

Step back in time and bring this treasure into your home!

Home for a Bunny
by Margaret Wise Brown
illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren
Golden Baby, Golden Books, 2011

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